I. sales of medical devices
1. understand product knowledge through professional training.
2. Analyze customer types and business opportunities, formulate and implement corresponding business plans and customer file collation related work;
3. complete team sales plan and cooperate with relevant market activities.
4. achieve sales performance according to company requirements;
5. work closely with other departments in the company to ensure smooth progress.
6. cooperate with department manager to complete related matters.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than one year related work experience, clinical medicine related experience or medical equipment, medicine related education background;
2. Be proactive, responsible, hardworking, enterprising and confident to accept challenges.
3. strong language communication skills, good communication, coordination and compression ability;
4. strong learning ability and able to familiarity with related products as soon as possible.
5. strong sense of customer service and team spirit.
Employee welfare:
Meal allowance, housing allowance, education allowance, full-time prize, year-end prize, two tours + one free physical examination.
Welcome to the medical profession you come to apply for!

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